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The Playlist: May

The Playlist: May

The termostat wasn't the only thing heating up this month. There's been a steady stream of awesome all May long. We've been so busy with all the amazing that May brings, we didn't even have time to update this very site! We're hoping the Summer allows us some more downtime (not likely) but for now, this last playlist of Spring should keep the party train rolling along!

The Hives — Go ...

Indie Game Spotlight: <em>NoNoSparks Genesis</em>

Indie Game Spotlight: NoNoSparks Genesis

Nonograms are a niche form of logic puzzle that, remarkably, still haven't found the sort of widespread mainstream embrace that sudoku and kenken puzzles have. We say "remarkably" because, as those who've been exposed to nonograms are well aware, nonograms are awesome. The majority of gamers who've grown smitten with these graphic-logic puzzles know them but slightly more informal name: Picross — combining the concepts of "pictures" with "crossword" puzzles and ...

Game Review: <em>Rhythm Heaven Fever</em>

Game Review: Rhythm Heaven Fever

You are a boy meeting up with a cute girl after school. Maybe she likes you. Oh wait, there's a boy gopher hanging out nearby and he's trying to impress a lady gopher! Oh no, all the afterschool sports teams are playing now, too, and they keep kicking their balls near your double date! You'd better kick those balls away so maybe both you and the boy gopher can get ...

Game Review: <em>Pushmo</em>

Game Review: Pushmo

Nintendo had a bit of a tough time in 2011. Having absolutely redefined what it meant to be a "gamer" with the crossover mega-sensations of the DS and Wii, both platforms were clearly on their last legs and first-party software development had moved along to their successors, causing a drought of worthwhile gaming experiences from the company that practically invented the modern videogame. New hardware is always exciting, but the 3DS ...

Trailer Review: <em>Brave</em>

Trailer Review: Brave

Pixar has developed a nasty habit of doing no wrong. Sure, we didn't care much for Cars, and we're still holding a grudge on them for the cease-and-desist they placed on DMA Design and Nintendo for Uniracers (quite possibly the greatest videogame ever made about showboating anthropomorphic unicycles), but Pixar are still arguably one of—if not the—most genuinely good and consistently admirable studios in American entertainment. Pretty much ...

Game Review: <em>Kirby Mass Attack</em>

Game Review: Kirby Mass Attack

When all is said and done, the Nintendo DS will be remembered as one of the greatest videogame platforms in the history of home entertainment. Beyond expanding gaming to whole new demographics with intuitive touch-screen controls and unconventional "non-games" like Brain Age and Nintendogs, the DS had possibly the greatest variety of consistently great major studio games since the Super Nintendo, along with a slew of wild experimental new games ...

First Impressions: The Games of New York Comic Con

First Impressions: The Games of New York Comic Con

While no media expo will ever compare to the size and scope of San Diego Comic-Con International, the New York Comic-Con has taken noticeable strides in becoming a legitimate pop culture hub in recent years. San Diego will always have the media outlets for television and movies, but New York is still home to the biggest and best publishers, making NYCC the show for books. That said, the presence of ...

Eindbaas: <em>Rhythm Heaven</em>

Eindbaas: Rhythm Heaven

While we tend to agree that the journey is more important than the destination, life does have a way of showing us some really cool things towards the end of particularly daunting roads. Here in Eindbaas (Dutch, for "end boss"), we hope to take a look at some of the rewarding and intriguing encounters that await us along our adventures in media. First, a look at Nintendo's Rhythm Heaven.

For ...

Hey! Listen! – <em>Nintendo vs Sega 2</em>

Hey! Listen! – Nintendo vs Sega 2

Back in 2008, the Remix Artist Collective (RAC) made up of André Allen Anjos and Andrew Maury released a four-track digital EP of original dancefloor-ready remixes of tracks from Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda and Sonic the Hedgehog. While the duo had already produced a number of single track remixes for popular indie bands, Nintendo vs Sega EP was their first collection released as RAC and became immensely popular ...

5 Best DS Games Under the Radar

5 Best DS Games Under the Radar

The Nintendo 3DS will hit store shelves in the United States in just a few short weeks, beginning a new generation of gaming and closing the book on the one that preceded it. As we embrace the 3DS and all of the exciting new possibilities that come with fresh hardware, we bid a fond farewell to the DS, Nintendo's most successful hardware ever. The gambit of dual screens, including a ...