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Indie Game Spotlight: <em>Fotonica</em>

Indie Game Spotlight: Fotonica

Never stop running.

It's a simple command that has served as the driving force behind countless adrenaline-soaked summer blockbusters and, recently, more than a few niche videogames. Two such games were Semi Secret's Canabalt – the immensely popular one-button game where a man runs and jumps across rooftops from an unseen threat destroying everything in its path just behind him – and DICE's Mirror's Edge – the first-person anti-establishment courier game heavily focused ...

Game Review: <em>ASYNC Corp.</em>

Game Review: ASYNC Corp.

The gaming environment has changed tremendously within the past "generation" of hardware and media formats. The XBox 360 and Playstation 3 had owners expecting high-budget summer blockbuster production values for forty hours at a time on their big-screen 3D televisions, the Wii and DS expanded gaming to housewives and children with intuitive controls based on touch and movement, and Apple's iOS App Store has finally brought digital distribution to the masses by ...

In Search of a <em>Rez</em> 2

In Search of a Rez 2

In 2001, up-and-coming game auteur Tetsuya Mizuguchi released what would be his most-beloved game – Rez on the Sega Dreamcast and Sony Playstation 2. At its core, Rez was little more than a rail-shooter, like so many arcade games before it. What made Rez such a lasting cult phenomenon was its unique focus on synesthesia, with enemies and attacks striking in beat with the electronic soundtrack and pulsating waves of light throughout. The ...

Trailer Review: <em>Wizorb</em>

Trailer Review: Wizorb

With this year's E3 convention fresh in our collective memories, we've all seen more than our fill of gritty, quasi-realistic first-person shooters in war-torn urban environments (a niche that is rapidly approaching 90% of mainstream gaming). Remember when videogames were magical? When they could transport us to another time, place, and reality instead of the same old grey noise again and again?

Jonathan Levigne does. The Montreal-based game developer who most ...

Indie Game Spotlight: Ludum Dare is Feeling Blue

Indie Game Spotlight: Ludum Dare is Feeling Blue

Any good artist or reality show contestant will tell you that the best, most inspiring and innovative works come from restrictions. Craft an amuse-bouche using only the contents of a gas station vending machine and a roll of quarters for your budget. Design a dress for a garden party using only flowers and planting materials. Make a video game in 48 hours using the theme "It's Dangerous To Go Alone! Take ...

Indie Game Spotlight: <em>Blendimals</em>

Indie Game Spotlight: Blendimals

Videogames are a curious vehicle. As an interactive medium, they have the potential to craft more in-depth and personal experiences than film and literature... and yet, something about videogames just lends itself to weirdness. Perhaps it's that, compared to other popular forms of creative expression, videogames are still in their infancy and constantly evolving. Perhaps it's that, due to technical limitations regarding realism, most videogames before the past decade were ...

Trailer Review: Long-Awaited Indie Game All-Stars

Trailer Review: Long-Awaited Indie Game All-Stars

The past couple weeks have been very exciting for the indie game community thanks to both the Game Developers Conference and PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) East, a gaming convention with a serious love affair with all things indie. Among many others, three games that we've been eagerly anticipating for what feels like entirely too long have revealed new promotional footage. Let's take a look!

Fez, from Polytron Corporation, has been ...

Indie Game Spotlight: <em>Hot Throttle</em> & <em>Save Toshi</em>

Indie Game Spotlight: Hot Throttle & Save Toshi

Videogames are, by definition, games, and common sense tells us that games are intended to be fun. There are, of course, games that challenge this preconception, but we're not interested in those at the moment. There have been a lot of experiments as of late with games that make us feel emotions compounded with the fun. Sadness, fear, community and isolation are all popular themes right now, but a couple ...

Trailer Review: <em>Okabu</em>

Trailer Review: Okabu

Just over two years ago, when the iPhone was first dipping its toes in the waters of mobile gaming, a fresh young development studio came along and released an original title that would be known as the definitive game of Apple's new device. The studio was Hand Circus. The game was Rolando. It was featured in Apple television commercials and billboards, it was praised by critics the first reason to ...

Trailer Review(s): <em>Journey</em> & <em>Soul Brother</em>

Trailer Review(s): Journey & Soul Brother

Two trailers for new games from developers I've greatly enjoyed in the past were released last week, and both were enthralling. Rather than choose one over the other, let's just look at both and smile, shall we?

thatgamecompany is prepping to release their third title for the Playstation Network (thus fulfilling the small studio's three game contract with Sony they signed fresh out of college). Journey offers two immediate differences ...