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The Playlist: November

The Playlist: November

We honestly believed, deep down in the cockles of our hearts, that November would be a cold month of somber introspection leading into the holidays. Then the internet had to come along and decide that November was a month for flippin' awesome music. Prepare to rock your gloom away and then dance yourself silly with our four favorite new singles of the month:

Dive — Sometime

It should come as no ...

The Playlist: August

The Playlist: August

Another sticky month has come and gone, and in the past week NYC has survived an earthquake, tornados, and a hurricane. Things are getting a little apocalyptic around here, even the music, but at least it's still damn excellent:

M83 - Midnight City

M83 continue to do what he/they does/do so astoundingly well: encapsulate a series of emotions in sweeping cinematics and synth arpeggios. His/their first single ...

Record Review: Cansei de Ser Sexy’s <em>La Liberación</em>

Record Review: Cansei de Ser Sexy’s La Liberación

The sophomore slump is cliche. Fact of the matter is, most bands lucky enough to find an audience with their debut tend not to veer too far away from home on their second effort. The third album is where you really learn what has become of the artist: how fame has affected them personally, what truly matters to them now that they're no longer starving for attention, whether they still ...

Record Review: SBTRKT’s <em>SBTRKT</em>

Record Review: SBTRKT’s SBTRKT

Producers often struggle in achieving the same degree of breakthrough popularity as more traditional music stars. It's not that twisting the dials and arranging the beats isn't just-as-if-not-more-important-than any other element of a hit song, it's just that it's harder for the general populace to understand/care. Many celebrated indie producers were still relatively obscure until striking upon the right collaboration with a signer to catapult them to stardom. Danger ...

Hey! Listen! – <em>Nintendo vs Sega 2</em>

Hey! Listen! – Nintendo vs Sega 2

Back in 2008, the Remix Artist Collective (RAC) made up of André Allen Anjos and Andrew Maury released a four-track digital EP of original dancefloor-ready remixes of tracks from Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda and Sonic the Hedgehog. While the duo had already produced a number of single track remixes for popular indie bands, Nintendo vs Sega EP was their first collection released as RAC and became immensely popular ...

Record Review: Tom Vek’s <em>Leisure Seizure</em>

Record Review: Tom Vek’s Leisure Seizure

Fresh out of art school, Thomas Vernon-Kell's 2005 debut We Have Sound was a raucous experimental affair, a collection of ten songs with very little in common aside from thoroughly inventive beats and vocals that suggested the artist was more of a confident beat poet than a rock singer. One could not be blamed for being unsurprised by Tom's disappearance from the music industry for the five years following that album's ...

Record Review: 13 & God’s <em>Own Your Ghost</em>

Record Review: 13 & God’s Own Your Ghost

It's easy for artists to become focused on a single idea or concept. Picasso had his Blue Period. Degas returned to dancers in his paintings time and time again. 13 & God's sophomore album seems monomaniacally focused on mortality. The phrase "old age" comes up frequently in Own Your Ghost's lyrics and, much like he did on their debut with the phrase "tying them off with an x-axis c-clamp and setting ...

Record Review: French Horn Rebellion’s <em>The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion</em>

Record Review: French Horn Rebellion’s The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion

David and Robert Perlick-Molinari decided they wanted to make dance music. Realizing there was little to no dance scene in their native Wisconsin, the brothers set up shop in Brooklyn. Williamsburg to be exact.

This is the point where native New Yorkers groan with an expectant exhaustion, and with good cause. Williamsburg, once the last bastion of cheap urban living for broke artists in the greatest city in the world, ...

Record Review: Metronomy’s <em>The English Riviera</em>

Record Review: Metronomy’s The English Riviera

Bad news first: The English Riviera is Metronomy's shortest album in terms of both play length and number of songs. I only mention this because you will notice when the album is over and are left wanting more.

There's been the definite impression over the course of Metronomy's discography that Joseph Mount is somewhat of a nerd. Debut album Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 You Owe) sounded like "My First Drum ...

Record Review: James Blake’s <em>James Blake</em>

Record Review: James Blake’s James Blake

It should come as no surprise that London's James Blake, as a recent college graduate, has so far demonstrated a keen sense of experimentation and electronica in his music. What is an arts education, after all, but experimenting until you find something that works? Listeners of Blake's initial EPs over the past year and a half have been quick to label his music as "dubstep," and they were in no ...