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Trailer Review: Ryan Gosling Double Feature!

Trailer Review: Ryan Gosling Double Feature!

Where the heck did Ryan Gosling come from? He's been floating in the periphery of Hollywood A-listers for the past decade, and it looks like this is the year Ryan finally makes it big. Having romanced an entire generation in 2004's The Notebook and strengthened his indie roots with 2007's Lars and the Real Girl and 2010's Blue Valentine, Gosling is going outside of his comfort zone this year with ...

Trailer Review: <em>The Muppets</em>

Trailer Review: The Muppets

It's time to play the music.

It's time to light the lights.

Hey guys, did you know there's a new Muppet movie coming out this year? There's totally a new Muppet movie coming out this year. Remember the Muppets? I'm not talking about the god-awful made-for-tv Muppets' Wizard of Oz – I mean really, remember the Muppets? The original "The Muppet Show" was genuine cutting edge variety entertainment for adults that ...

Trailer Review: <em>50/50</em>

Trailer Review: 50/50

Summer is right around the corner and big-budget blockbusters are in right now. X-Men: First Class just opened, Super 8 is sneaking its way into projection booths right now, Transformers and Captain America aren't far behind. The summer months, for cinema, are about huge action and fireworks.

Much like summer camp romances, though, things need to cool down once the season ends. We need to become more introspective, more thoughtful, and ...

Trailer Review: <em>The Adventures of Tintin</em>

Trailer Review: The Adventures of Tintin

Quick, name the most beloved series of comics worldwide.

No, it's not Spider-Man.

Nope, not Batman, try again.

No, it's not Archie! Stop being such an American.

The answer, of course, is The Adventures of Tintin.

Hergé's comic strip about the young Belgian reporter and his loyal fox terrier has proven to be almost as influential and pervasive through comics as the work of Walt Disney has been through ...

Trailer Review: <em>Anonymous</em>

Trailer Review: Anonymous

Some movies just look like bad ideas. Who honestly wanted to see Police Academy 7: Mission in Moscow after the previous two films were unfunny sophomoric romps in jewel heisting? M. Night Shyamalan's Devil so soon after the critical disaster that was The Last Airbender?

Anonymous looks awful.

The premise is that William Shakespeare did not exist, rather that all of Shakespeare's works were written by Edward de Vere, 17th Earl ...

Trailer Review: They Said They’d Be Back

Trailer Review: They Said They’d Be Back

Today, two popular intellectual properties make returns that we very well could've done without. Both of these will likely make you laugh, though not necessarily for the right reasons.

With his political career behind him, Arnold Schwarzenegger is finally ready to return to the career that made him the international superstar we all know him for: Film and TV Mega-Action Superstar. Arnold and the people close to him say that ...

For Your Consideration: Cartoons!

For Your Consideration: Cartoons!

What’s my favorite part of the Oscars? Most people would think "Best Animated Feature," seeing as I'm an animator by trade and an all-around cartoon nut. They would be wrong people, however, for I've always preferred "Best Animated Short Film." Weird, right? Stick with me here...

Okay, so think of "Best Animated Feature" as a little league team. They all have their little uniforms, nice and clean for the ...

Trailer Review: <em>Thor</em>

Trailer Review: Thor

Kenneth Branagh is best known for his Shakespearean films. The undisputed crown jewel of his career to date is 1996's Hamlet, noteworthy for its length (over four hours as the entire original Shakespeare script was unabridged), cast (Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Kate Winslet, Gérard Depardieu and others were all paid scale), and film format (the final picture to date shot on traditional 70mm film). More than any other Shakespeare ...

The <em>External World</em> of David O’Reilly

The External World of David O’Reilly

German animator David O'Reilly has certainly developed an aesthetic. Through commercial work in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Son of Rambow and the video for U2's "I'm Gonna Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight," O'Reilly has become recognized for creating cute child-like characters in a bleak and unwelcoming world. It's an all-too relatable world-view, and perhaps why his personal films resonate and continue to win awards.

The ...

Pixar Campaigns for Best Picture

Pixar Campaigns for Best Picture

Toy Story 3 was a long time coming. A major point of the Disney/Pixar feud earlier this decade, Toy Story 3 was originally set to be developed by Disney's new studio, Circle 7. When Pixar was bought by Disney and John Lasseter was named chief creative officer of Disney Animation Studios in 2006, Circle 7 was shut down and Toy Story 3 completely scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up by its original creators at ...

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