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Trailer Review: <em>Robot and Frank</em>

Trailer Review: Robot and Frank

Summer 2012 has only just begun and it's already been a fantastic season for cinema. We've been at the movie theater more often in the past couple months than ever before, and when you see a lot of movies, you see a whole lot more trailers. Some have been fun (The Great Gatsby looks like the movie Baz Luhrman was born to make), and some have been awful (we will not ...

Trailer Review: You Say You Want Some Action Movie Clichés?

Trailer Review: You Say You Want Some Action Movie Clichés?

The problem with revamps is that they are invariably compared to their earlier incarnations, which is, to a degree, unfair to the vision of the new project and the creative people involved. So, for the sake of objectivity, let's forget all about Total Recall, the 1990 Paul Verhoeven blockbuster that convinced audiences worldwide that Arnold Schwarzenegger had a respectable degree of talent beyond flexing his muscles for the camera. While we're ...

Trailer Review: <em>Seeking a Friend for the End of the World</em>

Trailer Review: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

An asteroid is careening towards the Earth. Efforts to stop it—which we can only imagine being of the 1998 Bruce Willis/Ben Affleck feature Armageddon variety—have failed. The end is nigh. Everybody on the planet knows they only have three weeks left to live, so what do they do with their last days? That's more or less the set-up for Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, ...

Trailer Review: <em>Moonrise Kingdom</em>

Trailer Review: Moonrise Kingdom

The New York Times said of Wes Anderson—around the release of his fourth film, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou—that he was one of the only American filmmakers with a distinctive visual style, putting the relatively young and niche director in the ridiculously small and enviable company of Quentin Tarantino and... well, that's about it. Indeed, Anderson's style of center-framed subjects, vintage wallpaper, handcrafted models, deadpan and Futura ...

Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert!

More often than not these days, excellent media is defined by the surprises packed along the way, most commonly as twist endings. Let's blame Shyamalan. Not all of them are good (let's once again blame Shyamalan), but some of them are absolutely jaw-droppingly wild. Here are the surprise endings of 2011 that kept us talking about them all year long.

It should kind of go without saying, but spoilers ahead. If ...

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, that most revered of distinctly American holidays when we celebrate warmth and gluttony, coupled with the tradition of announcing the things we are most thankful for. Of course we at The Pop Aesthetic are thankful for our friends and our continued health and opportunity, like so many are and should be, but that's boring and lame, so here are the bits of pop culture we are ...

Trailer Review: <em>Brave</em>

Trailer Review: Brave

Pixar has developed a nasty habit of doing no wrong. Sure, we didn't care much for Cars, and we're still holding a grudge on them for the cease-and-desist they placed on DMA Design and Nintendo for Uniracers (quite possibly the greatest videogame ever made about showboating anthropomorphic unicycles), but Pixar are still arguably one of—if not the—most genuinely good and consistently admirable studios in American entertainment. Pretty much ...

Trailer Review: <em>Gyakutan Saiban</em>

Trailer Review: Gyakutan Saiban

Japan is crazy.

Don’t get us wrong, the United States is a whole ‘nother load of crazeballs, but it’s generally and globally accepted that Japan is pretty bat guano nuts and we all love them for it. They put women’s used panties in vending machines as though they were bags of Doritos. They hire A-list Hollywood actors to be the spokesmen for their mundane products — Harrison ...

Trailer Review: <em>Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol</em>

Trailer Review: Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol

It's easy to hate on Tom Cruise, what with all the tabloid shenanigans. It's also easy to hate on the Mission: Impossible film franchise, particularly remembering the PR quagmire of the third film, with Tom Cruise refusing to do any media promotion, focusing instead on boycotting South Park for its statements regarding Scientology. Most importantly, it's easy to forget that these films are largely very good action movies and that ...

Trailer Review: <em>Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey</em>

Trailer Review: Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey

Are you ready for something adorable? Like heart-meltingly, lighten-up-your-entire-week, forget-that-you're-a-grown-adult-and-curl-up-with-a-warm-bowl-of-cinnamon-oatmeal-for-Saturday-morning-cartoons adorable? There's a documentary about Kevin Clash! I know, right?

What's that? Who's Kevin Clash? Why, only possibly the greatest puppeteer since Jim Henson. An active member of the Henson Workshop since the early 1980s, Clash's Muppet credits include several characters in Labyrinth, Baby Sinclair on Dinosaurs ("I'm the baby, gotta love me!" / "Not the mama!"), Splinter in the first ...