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Trailer Review: <em>The Adventures of Tintin</em>

Trailer Review: The Adventures of Tintin

Quick, name the most beloved series of comics worldwide.

No, it's not Spider-Man.

Nope, not Batman, try again.

No, it's not Archie! Stop being such an American.

The answer, of course, is The Adventures of Tintin.

Hergé's comic strip about the young Belgian reporter and his loyal fox terrier has proven to be almost as influential and pervasive through comics as the work of Walt Disney has been through ...

Required Reading: <em>Taskmaster: Unthinkable</em>

Required Reading: Taskmaster: Unthinkable

You can do anything better than anybody. The only thing you can't do is remember your own life. Sounds like a kickass take on The Bourne Identity or Memento, right? This simple setup is the basis of Taskmaster, the four-issue miniseries published by Marvel Comics in 2010 and collected this week as Taskmaster: Unthinkable.

A longtime B-level supervillain, Taskmaster has a special form of muscle memory that allows him to recreate ...

First Impressions: Gods Fallen to Earth

First Impressions: Gods Fallen to Earth

It's been a great season for fresh new comic book launches, so we thought we'd take a look at four of the new series launches from the past month and why we've got our hopes up for some exciting new four-color stories.

Herc #1
Hercules has lost his godly powers. Don't worry about how, it was in a big Avengers storyline and is quickly glossed over on the first page so ...

Back Issues: The Curious Case of Monet St. Croix

Back Issues: The Curious Case of Monet St. Croix

It's hard to deny the appeal of the X-Men. As mutants, the X-Men are an allegory for every minority, every special interest group, every person who has ever been bullied simply for being different, and everyone who has ever stood up for those people. The popularity of the X-Men brand has exploded over time, with countless pieces of mainstream ephemera throughout the 1990s and a constantly growing slate of big ...

Trailer Review: <em>Thor</em>

Trailer Review: Thor

Kenneth Branagh is best known for his Shakespearean films. The undisputed crown jewel of his career to date is 1996's Hamlet, noteworthy for its length (over four hours as the entire original Shakespeare script was unabridged), cast (Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Kate Winslet, Gérard Depardieu and others were all paid scale), and film format (the final picture to date shot on traditional 70mm film). More than any other Shakespeare ...

For the Glamazon on the Go

For the Glamazon on the Go

Try as we may to fight it, ours is a society ruled by public image. When we're not rashly judging someone on first appearances, we are comparing the things people say to the way they present themselves physically. Body language, fashion, grooming... cosmetics are key, and we all know that the right look can affect the wearer's self-image and their confidence. Controlling your public perception as a woman is a ...

Design vs. Superheroes – FIGHT!

Design vs. Superheroes – FIGHT!

Far too often mainstream superhero comics are plagued by their own poorly developed vanity. Writers try and try to make the books more mature serialized adult literature, but in order to sell they feel the need to keep their covers in the realm of teenage boy porn, with glamor shots of the characters, loud logos and plenty of T&A&E (tits, ass and explosions). Where's the sophistication? ...

15 Enchanting Cartoons of Audrey Hepburn

15 Enchanting Cartoons of Audrey Hepburn

I learned years ago that, when it comes to collecting sketches and commissioned art from cartoonists, it's best to have a theme. If you ask for just any old thing they'll do the same sketch they've memorized and done a million times, but if you ask for something specific, something creative, something fun, well then the results are miles better and the artist is often happier as well. One year ...

The Best Comic I’m Reading At The Moment: <em>Ultimate Comics Spider-Man</em>

The Best Comic I’m Reading At The Moment: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man

Peter Parker is living in a halfway home for teenage superheroes. He works the register at a mall food court burger joint. The police cheer him on as Spider-Man when six months ago they considered him one of the most wanted criminals in the city, a development that makes him uncomfortable. He's had more girlfriends than any nerd in pop culture history outside of maybe Val Kilmer's character in Real ...