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Required Reading: <em>Get Jiro!</em>

Required Reading: Get Jiro!

Anthony Bourdain's profile certainly has raised over the past dozen years. 2000's Kitchen Confidential made him an instant buzzworthy star of the budding celebrity chef scene and led directly to similar books of essays. A Cook's Tour—the written travelogue of his debut television series—begat the wildly popular No Reservations, which spawned another hit tv show in The Layover. His rising celebrity has garnered him popular appearances on Top ...

Trailer Review: <em>Robot and Frank</em>

Trailer Review: Robot and Frank

Summer 2012 has only just begun and it's already been a fantastic season for cinema. We've been at the movie theater more often in the past couple months than ever before, and when you see a lot of movies, you see a whole lot more trailers. Some have been fun (The Great Gatsby looks like the movie Baz Luhrman was born to make), and some have been awful (we will not ...

The Playlist: June

The Playlist: June

It's hot out! How does this always happen? Yes, Summer begins the third week of June, but we always expect a more steady increase in temperature with the blazing days in July, not this sudden ramp up to boiling the last week of Spring. NOT A RACE, EARTH!

Anyway, music! Boy, oh boy, are there some good tunes this month. Much like Levon and Barry or Jell-O pudding, first we ...

Record Review: Japandroids’ <em>Celebration Rock</em>

Record Review: Japandroids’ Celebration Rock

Let's talk about Japandroids for a minute, shall we? Odds are that if you already have an opinion on Japandroids, it's enthusiastically positive. The Vancouver duo exploded onto the scene in 2009 and brought with them a wave of unprecedented noise that was absolutely lacking in the landscape of contemporary rock music. Debut LP Post-Nothing felt immediately raw and unencumbered by pretention or ambiguous goals. In just over a half-hour, Brian ...

Record Review: El-P’s <em>Cancer 4 Cure</em>

Record Review: El-P’s Cancer 4 Cure

They wanna kill you. You're the cancer. You're the fuckin' problem.
You're the pollution. You're the issue that they wanna solve.
They wanna kill you. You're the cancer, how's that make you feel?
I should've stayed asleep. Waking up can get you killed.
So begins "True Story," the exact center moments of Cancer 4 Cure, Brooklyn rapper/producer El-P's third full-length album. Jaime Meline comes off as angry as ever, but ...

The Playlist: May

The Playlist: May

The termostat wasn't the only thing heating up this month. There's been a steady stream of awesome all May long. We've been so busy with all the amazing that May brings, we didn't even have time to update this very site! We're hoping the Summer allows us some more downtime (not likely) but for now, this last playlist of Spring should keep the party train rolling along!

The Hives — Go ...

Trailer Review: <em>The Unfinished Swan</em>

Trailer Review: The Unfinished Swan

With the onset of 3D graphics in computer games of the 1990s, the dominant perspective of mainstream gaming steadily transitioned from side-scrolling to first-person. Point-and-click adventures like Myst were early successes, but shooters like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Marathon challenged the entire gaming landscape, transforming the community as we knew it. Without the onset of the PC first-person-shooter (FPS), we might still have big launches for Sonic the Hedgehog instead ...

The Playlist: April

The Playlist: April

So much good music! No time to chat about it! Look down, listen up, and go outside because the weather (here in New York, at least) has been nonstop delightful for weeks! Go, go, live!

Andy Dixon — YOLO (And It Never Comes or It Seems to But It Doesn't Really)

It seems like Andy Dixon (aka Secret Mommy) has been on fire lately, with what certainly feels like more art ...

Indie Game Spotlight: <em>NoNoSparks Genesis</em>

Indie Game Spotlight: NoNoSparks Genesis

Nonograms are a niche form of logic puzzle that, remarkably, still haven't found the sort of widespread mainstream embrace that sudoku and kenken puzzles have. We say "remarkably" because, as those who've been exposed to nonograms are well aware, nonograms are awesome. The majority of gamers who've grown smitten with these graphic-logic puzzles know them but slightly more informal name: Picross — combining the concepts of "pictures" with "crossword" puzzles and ...

Trailer Review: You Say You Want Some Action Movie Clichés?

Trailer Review: You Say You Want Some Action Movie Clichés?

The problem with revamps is that they are invariably compared to their earlier incarnations, which is, to a degree, unfair to the vision of the new project and the creative people involved. So, for the sake of objectivity, let's forget all about Total Recall, the 1990 Paul Verhoeven blockbuster that convinced audiences worldwide that Arnold Schwarzenegger had a respectable degree of talent beyond flexing his muscles for the camera. While we're ...