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The Playlist: June

By / Posted on 29 June 2012

It’s hot out! How does this always happen? Yes, Summer begins the third week of June, but we always expect a more steady increase in temperature with the blazing days in July, not this sudden ramp up to boiling the last week of Spring. NOT A RACE, EARTH!

Anyway, music! Boy, oh boy, are there some good tunes this month. Much like Levon and Barry or Jell-O pudding, first we cook and then we chill:

Breakbot — One Out Of Two (Oliver remix)

Guys, stop! Just stop whatever you’re doing, this is important! Breakbot’s debut LP is finally coming out this fall! Thibaut Berland has been producing phenomenal remixes and singles for years, but his fans haven’t had a full-length to enjoy just yet—surprising considering his popularity and his presence on Ed Banger Records, home of similarly-styled dance powerhouses Justice and Cassius. By Your Side‘s lead single, “One Out Of Two” dropped this month, and while Thibaut himself usually demonstrates better control over the beat than anybody else in the room, this remix by Oliver amps up the jubilant Summer reverie of the whole production. Good luck not dancing like 1980′s Michael Jackson all through this jam. We suspect the same challenge is due when By Your Side hits this September.

Cat Power — Ruin

It’s been four years since we’ve last heard from Chan Marshall, and that was Jukebox, an album of covers. Surely she’s got years and years of pensive introspective tunes of crushing heartbreak pent up and waiting to pounce on us. What’s that? She just this year went through a bad breakup with famous actor Giovanni Ribisi? And she recorded her long-awaited new album, Sun, during the breakup period? Oh man, this is gonna be so depressing! We can’t wait to hear it and cry! Ooh, here’s the first single! “Ruin,” huh? Ominous title, this should be good and dark. Hmm… this is… somewhat brighter than we were expecting. By a lot. It’s good, it’s just… are we sure this is Cat Power? She gets upset when her toast gets stale. She just went through a rough breakup and produced one of the catchiest original songs of her career? Sure, let’s roll with it!

Slime Girls — Intro

This one completely blindsided us. Pedro Silva’s debut as Slime Girls came out of nowhere and instantly became the best damn chip EP we’ve heard all year so far. Maybe it’s the infectious beach barbecue atmosphere, but Vacation Wasteland is exactly what we want in our lives this summer. For everyone who got into chip music because of Anamanaguchi, this is the release you’ve been waiting to hear! For everyone else, holy shit, chill out, fly a kite, throw a frisbee, spike some lemonade, and dance as the sun sets on your summer nights. While all of Vacation Wasteland is great fun, the intro track particularly stands out to us thanks to the rich fuzzed-out surf guitars, polyphonic synth stabs, and overwhelmingly feeling like a full band, ready to force Summer fun upon their audience like a anvil made of fudge brownies dropped on their heads. You might just want to drift in the ocean for a bit.

Ventla — Sanpakuga

Ventla is a very interesting artist from Tokyo attempting to release 100 free shortform albums in a relatively brief period of time. The first release, Magnificent For Some, hit the internet just about a year ago. Album #15, Auditory Phantom, spun its way into our headphones just two weeks ago and album #16, Ultimate Apathy, was released this morning. This is fascinating stuff, like synthetic ambient folk music. He lists the incredibly long list of tools used in recording on Ventla’s various websites (here are the tumblr, soundcloud, and pages) but on “Sanpakugan” you can clearly make out the extremely wet synth bass, melodica, and what sounds like a cheap toy xylophone and toy piano picked up at a yard sale. This track is a bit more aggressive than the rest of Ultimate Apathy, which is pleasantly in favor of laying back in a beach chair on your roof and watching the world fade away. Hey, seems like we’ve got a theme here! Happy Summer!

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Derrick Sanskrit has produced critically-acclaimed work as an artist and writer for Nerve, Babble, Pitchfork, The Onion and the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, among others. He founded The Pop Aesthetic during the coldest months of his life in 2010.